Cityworks PLL Implementation

Engaging Timmons Group as a partner on your Community Development programs will yield the results you demand. Timmons Group has implemented and configured Cityworks PLL (permits, licensing, and land) for local governments and utilities across the United States and Canada. Many years of important lessons learned will be available to you and your stakeholders throughout the life of your program. 

Regarding group specific consulting, Timmons Group brings not only geospatial and information technology professionals to assist with the implementation of the Cityworks Server PLL solution, but also subject matter experts in the fields of permitting, planning, inspections, code enforcement, civil engineering, transportation, asset operation and maintenance in multiple classifications.  You will have the opportunity to work with our planning, engineering, geospatial, and technology subject matter experts who will share over a century of combined ideas and solutions with you in support of your greater mission.  These resources will be available to the project team to assist with best practices as Cityworks is configured uniquely to each functional group.

*The map above shows Timmons Group's 85+ Cityworks Implementations.