Cityworks AMS Implementation

Timmons Group is unique as it is one of two of Cityworks solution providers that is both a Platinum Implementation Partner and a Strategic Development Partner. We have been a Cityworks business partner since 2003. 

Our unique view of Cityworks implementations is one of the distinguishing traits that sets Timmons Group apart from other Cityworks asset management consultants.  We do not view these projects as simply a software installation and configuration job.  Rather, we view Cityworks as an integral piece of our clients’ over-riding enterprise CMMS/asset management strategies and the foundation upon which countless additional work tasks will rely upon.

Our deep subject matter expertise enables us to move our clients beyond traditional projects, to projects with solutions that extend across the enterprise to deliver results that can be measured in time, money, and improved levels of service. We offer a full complement of enterprise asset management services for clients in public utilities, public works, transportation, investor-owned utilities, and parks and recreation.

*The map above shows Timmons Group's 85+ Cityworks Implementations.