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Timmons Group + Cityworks

*The map above shows Timmons Group's 65+ Cityworks Implementations

For over 20 years, Timmons Group has provided a wide variety of Enterprise Asset Management, Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS), IT, and award winning GIS services to utilities, municipal, federal, and private clients.  Our team encompasses Cityworks, the leading GIS-Centric CMMS & Enterprise Asset Management System on the market, which allows for extensive combined capabilities, software tools, local support and depth of experience required to form a solid foundation for the success of the project. Timmons Group is unique as it is one of three Cityworks solution providers that is both an Azteca Cityworks Platinum Implementation Partner and Strategic Development Partner. 


PLL Portal and Tools

The Timmons Group innovative Public Facing Portal for Cityworks® Server PLL is focused on enhancing contractor and citizen access to permits and inspections through a custom web portal. This capability includes the application of, management of, and scheduling of permits utilizing a public facing website. Additionally, the portal plugs into numerous point of sale and payment management systems including PayPal. To learn more about the Portal, download the PDF below. 

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