Wildlife Information Land Management Application

Project Summary

South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) worked with Timmons Group to build a centralized, Web-based enterprise information system that integrates GIS functionality with land management activities allowing for spatial tracking of land resources, management activities, land inventory, planning and goals and objectives reporting.  The application allows GFP managers, conservation officers and other constituents to edit enterprise geodatabases online and facilitates timely decision making.

The Enterprise Land Management Internet application enables the agency to spatially manage all Game Production Areas (GPAs), associated inventory, leases, easements and their corresponding five-year plans.  In addition, geospatial analysis enables users to easily and readily extract information out of the application through custom reporting, mapping and querying.

Timmons Group built the enterprise land management internet application utilizing Esri’s ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE software to facilitate the creation, editing, validation, storage and management of spatial data elements. The incorporation of Web services adhering to the principles of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows the GFP to have access to a suite of geospatial functionality through the lands management application and provides the added benefit of a reusable design model to be leveraged by future applications.

In addition to the enterprise internet application, Timmons Group developed a field-based mapping and data collection application.  The mobile solution complements the Web application and enables field users to check out attribute information (inventory data) for a GPA onto their mobile device and add, edit, and update data.  Upon returning to the office, mobile devices can be docked and data can be seamlessly synchronized back to the enterprise ArcSDE database.  This solution utilizes Esri ArcGIS Mobile and SQL Server Compact technologies.