Texas FireConnect

Project Summary

Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) and Timmons Group have teamed up to develop FireConnect, a portal with two-fold benefits.  It connects citizens with local fire departments and local fire departments with tools and information at their fingertips.  Citizens can learn about emergency responders in their area, including station locations, staffing and contact information.  Fire departments use FireConnect to manage their profiles and report their suppression response activity on wildland fire incidents.  Ultimately FireConnect allows TFS to help sustain an efficient and effective network of emergency responders that work ferociously every day to protect the lives and lands of the Lone Star State.

A core element of this project was the integration of data from local Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Solutions (RMS).  For this project, integration with Emergency Reporting System data outputs.  Integration with Emergency Reporting System allowed for the reduction in duplicate reporting.  The format used from Emergency Reporting and FireConnect is compliant with the NFRIS data model used for national reporting.