Summit View Business Park

Project Summary

Timmons Group is proud to be the lead consultant for the Summit View Business Park in Franklin County, Virginia.  Timmons Group conducted the early studies to identify, evaluate, and then select the 550 acre site along the US Route 220 corridor with the most potential to generate jobs and attract private investment.  Franklin County then selected Timmons Group to: complete the real estate diligence work; prepare an overall master plan including Return on Investment (ROI) study and Brand Positioning Statement; and design and permit the first phase of infrastructure and pad ready sites that will ultimately serve over 3 million square feet of revenue producing buildings.  Timmons Group also provided strategic marketing assistance that lead the County to re-name this park Summit View Business Park in celebration of the incredible natural surroundings.   The energy created within the community is infectious and the County has immediately started to entertain immediate economic development success.

Timmons Group is currently completing the permitting and design services to construct improvements including roads, sanitary sewer, waterline, pad grading, and stormwater management for Phase I of the park.  We have also assisted Franklin County in updating their comprehensive plan and rezoning the property for Economic Development.  Timmons Group also assisted in securing Brownfields funds from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and utilized a grant from VEDP to rank the property as a Tier 3 Ranking from the Virginia Site Readiness Program (VSRP).  This project highlights the Economic Development Team at Timmons Group and our exemplary experience designing and permitting major infrastructure that needs to move very quickly and stick to a budget.  The project is also generating considerable attention with companies seeking to join the County’s energy.  

Franklin County has hosted four prospects for in-person site visits over the last twelve months.  The first, Project Kids, was a California-based distribution company looking to build a 500,000 square foot facility and hire over 200 employees.  Unfortunately, the project decided not to locate in Virginia.  The second visit, Project Mac, is nearing completion on an agreement to build a 50,000 square foot facility and hire/relocate approximately 35 employees at the new site.  They are involved in advanced manufacturing.  Project PER was the third site visit to the Summit View Business Park.  This expanding local company is currently looking at a small 20,000 square foot facility, but has not yet made a decision on moving forward.  Finally, Franklin County hosted a large distribution and light assembly project in March 2017 named Project Sprout.  This company is looking to build a 1 million square foot facility and hire approximately 500 employees.  A decision by this prospect is expected in April 2017.  Franklin County is very aware that, without the availability of newly-created space in the Summit View Business Park, the two largest of these projects would never have stepped foot in the community.