State Fair of Virginia Meadow Event Park

Project Summary

Birthplace of American horse racing legend, Secretariat, and new home for the State Fair of Virginia, the Meadow Event Park is a 360-acre property perfectly suited for transformation into a premier expo and equestrian center.  Timmons Group teamed with Bullock, Smith and Partners to transform the open Piedmont into a premier 75,000 square foot exposition hall, a 10,000 square foot multipurpose pavilion, a horse-stall barn, midway and an equine facility.  The Park was thoughtfully and carefully laid out along a wooded bank of the North Anna River after an $81 million investment and five years of planning and construction, showcasing the history and significance of the site through the master planning of required program elements including midway, equestrian facilities, safe vehicular and pedestrian circulation, multi-use spaces, education and entertainment venues. Timmons Group was instrumental in a fast track rezoning of the property for proposed uses, refining the master plan as needed for approval, construction documents, and administering construction supervision.

A sustainable stormwater master plan of the park will be implemented as each phase is completed, minimizing any long term impacts to the North Anna River.  Plant ecosystems of the region are scattered throughout the property.  Timmons Group has partnered to assemble historical, ecological, and horticultural interpretation throughout the park and meets all criteria for certification as a Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience for the State of Virginia.

Under the direction of the State Fair of Virginia, and in cooperation with several key stakeholders, Timmons Group developed the narrative and graphic content of an interpretive sign for the Meadow Event Park. The intent of the interpretive sign is to create awareness of the importance of wetlands in the landscape, to describe wetland function and values, and to describe the activities undertaken at the Meadow Event Park to preserve and enhance this important landscape feature of the Park.

This effort was the outgrowth of Timmons’ participation in the Conservation Education Committee sponsored by State Fair, whose mission is to promote conservation education programs including development of conservation education and outreach efforts to local communities, living outdoor educational opportunities, meaningful watershed experiences, hiking and wildlife trail construction along the North Anna River, and promotion of innovative stormwater management techniques employed and showcased throughout the property.