ROW Tool Modernization

Project Summary

Timmons Group assisted the New Mexico State Land Office (NMSLO) with modernizing their Right-of-Way (ROW) management and maintenance processes.  NMSLO was maintaining general ROW locational and attribute information within a non-spatial mainframe database, originally developed to manage oil and gas lease financial information.  This maintenance approach was causing data quality and location discrepancy issues for the end user. 

Timmons Group developed a new data model, tools, and work processes using the Esri Parcel Fabric Data model and Esri Production Mapping Software suite. Esri’s Parcel Fabric provides industry standard data features while enabling the data model customization necessary to support business requirements within the legal documents, plan information, and surveyed points. Workflow Manager, Task Assistant Manager, and Data Reviewer components of the Esri Production Mapping tools were used to formalize data management policies and quality assurance (QA) practices to support the full ROW data management lifecycle. 

The ROW solution developed for NMSLO provides improved data quality, consistency, locational accuracy, and access to ROW information. NMSLO managers and staff benefited through increased data confidence and streamlined, enforceable data management workflows.