Richmond International Airport - Enterprise GIS

Project Summary

The Richmond International Airport (RIC) contracted with Timmons Group, a national geospatial consulting firm to design and implement an Enterprise GIS.

The Enterprise GIS supports Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airports GIS (AGIS) Compliance & Reporting requirements (AC 150/5300-18b and FAR77), airport design and airport operations, including: Operations and Planning, Real Estate, Engineering, Construction, Emergency Services, Asset Management & Operations, and Executive Management.

Timmons Group is providing comprehensive GIS planning, design, development, implementation and support services. This includes: a tailored GIS strategic plan (RoadMap), Esri Aviation data model configuration and implementation, data collection and quality assurance (geodetics, imagery, LiDAR, vector data, CADD to GIS conversion), Esri Aviation extension and ArcGIS Online implementation (3D airspace analysis and visualization, utility models, pavement engineering, master planning), mobile asset management mapping, work process engineering, system implementation, and on-going data maintenance support and GIS analysis assistance.

In addition to providing geospatial consulting to RIC, Timmons Group also provides a wide variety of engineering consulting services, including: site plan designs, traffic and transportation, surveying, environmental and re-zoning assistance.