Richmond BridgePark

Project Summary

What is a BridgePark? According to the Foundation the "BridgePark will connect people to the river, to the community, to nature and each other." The footprint of the Richmond BridgePark site is an area of The James River flowing between the proposed T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge upriver, and the Manchester Bridge downriver, and running across the river roughly from Kanawha Plaza to the Manchester Climbing Wall.

Timmons Group provided 3D laser scanning survey and mapping of the existing bridge piers, which the proposed bridge will rest on, lying within the water boundaries of the James River. The survey will include the mapping of the horizontal and vertical placement of the existing piers from the water's surface to the top elevation of each pier. We showed the 100 year flood plain and 500 year floodplain. Important landmarks to include in the scan were the portions of the Manchester Bridge adjacent to the tie-in locations, the existing CSX Valduct adjacent to Browns Island, and the flood wall on the southern bank. The end result is that the point cloud data to help generate a topographic survey of the site for the use during design.

The site analysis began with survey work right on the river and while capturing project data on water certainly presented unique challenges, but we were well equipped with sophisticated technology, including a drone. The drone provided us the ability to evaluate an existing bridge structure that spanned across the river. And, we were able to do it within a few minutes.

Additionally, Timmons Group performed environmental evaluation of site conditions and constraints as it pertains to wetlands, resource protection areas, rare, threatened, and endangered species, and cultural resources.