PWC Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, Stormwater Management Mobile Reporting Tool

Project Summary

Prince William County’s (PWC) Stormwater Management team recognized improvement opportunities in the processes they used to perform Stormwater facility and outfall inspections. The current processes required field technicians to manually capture field data with pen and paper and then spend a significant amount of time in the office entering that data into access databases. PWC had limited resources and needed a simplified process of documentation that would ensure data security, offer consistency between inspections and follow ups, a method for inspectors to analyze and review data in the field, and maintain constant communication between various county department programs.

PWC contracted Timmons Group to design and develop two new integrated applications that would improve the efficiency of these processes and make it easier for PWC to provide regulatory compliance reports to the state environmental agencies. Timmons Group developed the Illicit Discharge & Stormwater Management applications, used by stormwater technicians in the field to capture data relevant to field inspections.

The mobile application is integrated with a web-based desktop application that features an executive dashboard for managers and administrators. The data captured in the field is accessible with the desktop application in real-time removing the requirement for manual data entry, improving the ability to track and manage inspections and maintenance work, and improving data accuracy.

The mobile application features customized inspection forms, adding gateways for consistent, accurate, and authentic inspections. This application eliminated the time consuming office work and enabled the field technicians to more efficiently and thoroughly analyze and complete the documentation needed for inspections. These applications also allow the team to easily generate stormwater compliance reports required by the State of Virginia.