Otay Water District, Cityworks AMS Implementation

Project Summary

The Otay Water District contracted with Timmons Group for implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) for their water, recycled water, and sewer systems.  Through extensive evaluation the District chose Azteca Cityworks as their asset management platform.  

Timmons Group implemented the Cityworks Server technology to streamline and improve the way the District handles service request routing, tracking and management and for improving the work order management process. Timmons Group and staff from the Districts Operations, Engineering, Finance, and Customer Service departments took part in a three week business process analysis and business improvements phase of the project that resulted in a clearly defined Cityworks configuration and a formal set of standard operating procedures.  

As part of this implementation Timmons Group integrated Cityworks with the District’s existing Utility Billing System (Tyler Technologies Eden).  By integrating Cityworks with the existing Utility Billing System the District has been able to leverage all of the functionality of Cityworks while maintaining their current utility billing business process.