MO Outdoors

Project Summary

MDC manages well over 1,000 public properties in the State, all with some form of outdoor recreation opportunity. From hiking to biking to hunting, fishing, and naturalist activities—all MDC areas offer invaluable opportunities for citizens. The original ATLAS system was not integrated with GIS and was based on legacy technology. MDC desired to deploy a new solution for managing their public MDC lands (areas). This new solution included three new applications: ATLAS Internal, Discover Nature, and MO Outdoors.
ATLAS serves information to both internal staff and the public. ATLAS comprises information on land that MDC owns or manages as leased agreements providing information to the public in a list of activities, facilities, features, trails, and land cover. Data are also read from the shooting range database and displayed within the application. Area Regulations data are stored in a database.
Timmons Group performed two phases of discovery for this project. Phase One was the discovery for a modernized system that includes both the web version for internal and external stakeholders and a mobile application focused on MDC area exploration. Interactive maps were an important functionality for the future system that did not exist in the original system. The goal of the redesigned ATLAS was to provide a GIS-integrated system for MDC staff to easily update MDC area information (e.g., hours of operations, unexpected closures, etc.), integration with the new Discover Nature MDC website, and finally, a new mobile application named MO Outdoors to enable the public to search for and leverage the value of all MDC areas in the State.
The innovative component of the new ATLAS was the inclusion of gamification concepts for users of the mobile application. They now have the ability to easily find MDC areas based on desired activities (e.g., hiking, fishing, etc.).  They are then able to navigate to these areas, check in to the area, and earn badges and rewards for accomplishing outdoor activities while there.