Mist Lake Water Management Complex Bridge Design

Project Summary

Timmons Group is providing bridge design services as part of the site development for a new water treatment facility in Durham, NC. The project involves design of a secondary access road to the facility complex, requiring a stream crossing. The proposed bridge is an 82’ prestressed concrete girder simple span structure, chosen as the most cost efficient bridge option which also results in the fewest long-term maintenance requirements. The bridge is being designed as a jointless structure with integral abutments to reduce long-term maintenance impacts to the bridge components. The bridge cross-section will accommodate pedestrian traffic as well as vehicular traffic, and will incorporate a barrier separation between the two, increasing both pedestrian and driver comfort. The bridge is also being designed to incorporate aesthetic features, including the use of concrete formliner and concrete staining to provide the appearance of stone façade on the parapets, abutments and retaining walls.