Miracle League of Richmond

Project Summary

The Miracle League is an organization for special needs youth, that helps children with disabilities participate in sports. The mission of the Miracle League is to provide opportunities for children with disabilities to play baseball, regardless of their abilities, promote community support and sponsorship of Miracle Leagues.  The Richmond, Virginia Chapter was started in April 2005 and was the first in the Commonwealth.  The League also promotes the construction of special facilities to meet the unique needs of players and their families. 

Timmons Group partnered with Miracle League and the Chesterfield County Department of Parks and Recreation to create a customized field with a cushioned synthetic turf that allows children in wheelchairs and walkers to glide unrestricted without fear of injury. The baseball field was built on existing tennis courts. The “Miracle Field” is located in the Lloyd C. Bird High School Sports Complex in Chesterfield County. The location allows for the sharing of parking and, more important, allows handicapped youth to mix with children participating in other sports.