MDC Field Agent Incident Report Tool

Project Summary

Timmons Group enhanced the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC’s) Agent Mobile iOS and Agent Online applications to provide their resource protection agents with an electronic incident reporting system.  The agent iOS app allows MDC’s resource protection agents to document criminal violations and other reportable incidents, collect information for investigatory and administrative purposes, and link incident reports to arrests, warnings, permits, telechecks, and operation game thief (OGT) reports.  All of this information can be collected on an agent’s smartphone and syncs real-time for access and reporting in the Agent Online web application.

The incident reporting enhancements provide MDC’s resource protection agents with the ability to:

  • Create new incident reports
  • View / edit / copy / delete incident reports
  • Add reporting party, witnesses, and suspects to an incident report
  • Search for incident reports
  • Submit incident reports for supervisor approval
  • Link incidents to arrests, warnings, other Incidents, and OGT reports
  • Begin an arrest or warning from an incident report
  • View a dashboard of incident reports
  • Generate incident reports

The Agent Mobile iOS application is part of the suite of products that Timmons Group has developed for MDC.  Also included in the suite is the Agent Online web application used for searching and reporting.  The third component of the suite is MO Hunting, which is publicly available on iOS and Android applications for the citizens of Missouri to view and store their permit history, access and notch available permits, and telecheck their harvests.