Level 1 Risk Assessment

Project Summary

In urban environments, it’s critical to manage trees and branches for risk of falling.  These trees, typically referred to as hazardous or damaged trees, are identified using assessment guidelines to provide a means to track and abate hazard from trees that are likely to fall and cause injury to either people or property.  Level 1 Risk Assessment is an application designed to locate a tree, input information about that tree, and upload photos of the identified tree.  The Texas Forest Service (TFS) partnered with Timmons Group to develop the Level 1 Risk Assessment Application.

The Level 1 app was developed to pinpoint a specific tree’s location via GPS coordinates or map and identify its risk to the public.  This application features simple navigation, the ability to toggle between street and aerial views, ability to zoom to the user’s location, and easy tree visualization.  Not only does this application deliver specific information about the damaged trees but also the condition of their branches.  The level of “treatment” of the tree is represented by an icon that is easy to understand.  Users also have the ability to filter damaged trees by specific treatment levels.

The application was designed for mobile field inventory and damage assessment on both smartphone and tablet iOS and Android devices.  The app has the ability to integrate directly with ArcGIS Online or provide the user the collected assessment data via CSV / XLS export.