Henrico County Drainage Term Contract

Project Summary

Timmons Group has held a drainage term contract with Henrico County for a number or years. Services under this contract have expanded to include a number of water quality retrofit, stream restoration projects, and special tasks. One such task was the inspection of all known County-owned Best Management Practices (BMPs.)

As part of the scope, Timmons Group developed field maps and coordinated the other required logistics in order to ensure a timely completion of the work. All inspections included, at a minimum, an assessment of current functionality, need for maintenance and/or repairs, and georeferenced photographs. Timmons Group conducted inspection for a total of 107 existing county owned stormwater BMPs. Inspections were conducted by DEQ BMP Inspection Certified staff using County developed inspection checklists. This approach provided consistency of inspection protocols and identification of maintenance needs, as well as an avenue to meet MS4 reporting requirements.