Habitat Tracker Application

Project Summary

Timmons Group partnered with the Wildlife Management Institute (WMI) to develop and maintain an online database and repository for certain habitat management data specific to species that inhabit young forest and shrubland habitats.  WMI’s goal was to build a system to consolidate and spatially track partners and contractor’s accomplishments and enable reporting on the assessments, recommendations, treatments, outreach and monitoring activities completed.  WMI is a non-profit established for the purpose of the preservation and restoration of habitat to support shrubland dependent species.  Tracking federal and other sources of grant funding to on-the-ground implementation is critical to both WMI and their funding partners. 

The solution developed for WMI required no software or WMI-managed server infrastructure and leverage cloud resources entirely.  An easy-to-use Web application provided workflow-driven data entry forms that allow contractors and partners to map assessments area for public and private landowners and recommend and record shrubland / habitat activities and treatments. 

WMI’s solution allows users to dynamically build reports and search on assessments, recommendations, treatments, outreach, and monitoring activities.  The spatial search implemented in the application allows users to generate reports for all activities that intersect underlying GIS layers.  Users can generate reports to output all activities or accomplishments that occur within a county, congressional district, watershed, species priority area, or within a specific conservation region.  The application supports role-based user management and the ability for WMI to add priority and secondary species, treatments, partners, types of outreach activities, and types of monitoring activities.