Find Wildlife VA

Project Summary

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF) worked with Timmons Group to update a legacy web application created several years ago titled “Find Game”. Timmons Group analyzed the existing version and spoke with numerous users and subject matter experts to understand the underlying issues and desired outcomes. Timmons Group utilized its user interface and user experience (UI/UX) experts to model the application based off specific user stories. We believe designing around a variety of users makes our applications stand out from other outdoor sporting applications, relevant to our users, and functional for accessing a wide variety of information.

VDGIF has distinct users that it needs to provide targeted information to: hunters, viewers, anglers, and boaters. By creating designated paths through the site for each user group, VDGIF can deliver relevant content and tailored information based on communities of interest. Not only can the user filter their search but they are given valuable data based on their search criteria. The project was managed as an Agile design process. Our team used Agile methodologies to help in the design process presenting various “iterations” of wireframes for the VDGIF product owner to review. This enabled us to focus on high-priority needs and put lower priorities into the backlog.

This application features a beautifully designed responsive interface that can be accessed by web or mobile devices. The custom styling allows a unique mobile experience and makes for easy "on the move" browsing. This application is now live, view it here