MO Fishing - Missouri Department of Conservation

Project Summary

Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) hired Timmons Group based on experience working with natural resource organizations and our unique ability to illicit requirements and deliver targeted, innovative solutions. Timmons Group began the project by defining the fishing app requirements or user stories with MDC. The application was designed with an innovative user experience designed specifically for non-technical users like anglers.

Timmons Group developed the mobile app, MO Fishing, for both smartphones and tablets, delivered to both the Apple iTunes and Google Play. “MDC wanted to be able to use map data we already had available in this mobile application, Timmons Group worked with us to develop an application that leverages up-to-date information. This approach allows us to efficiently use taxpayer dollars to provide mobile services to the public. This new technology is another way Conservation makes Missouri a great place to fish.” – Alex Prentice, MDC Information Systems Manager


Waterbody Searching – MO Fishing’s innovative search feature allows users to easily locate over 900 different waterbodies across Missouri using several different methods – using their location, the name of the waterbody, or the available species of fish.  Information is available for each waterbody, such as parking lots, bathrooms, and boat ramps.  Users can also bookmark their favorite waterbodies to return to them quickly and easily.

Waterbody and Fish Information – Annual Prospects, Best Bets, and Weekly Reports provide timely updates on the state of fishing across Missouri’s waterways.  Statewide and local regulations are available to ensure that anglers are fishing safely and within the law.  The app also allows users to peruse a list of fish species found in Missouri waters via a convenient Fish Guide. Users can view photos and detailed information about each species of fish.

Custom Maps – Users can view location maps of over 900 of Missouri’s major lakes, rivers and streams, including their respective boat ramps and parking lots for easy access.  The app also allows users to find exact locations of underwater fish structures and guide their boats (via their device’s GPS) to their favorite fish attractors.  Fast and accurate driving directions to numerous MDC boat ramps across the state are also available.

Fishing Permits – MO Fishing allows users to view and manage their fishing permits directly in the app.  This allows users to seamlessly switch between navigating their favorite fishing spots and displaying their fishing permits to Conservation Agents.  Users can also download and store their permits for offline use once they are purchased.


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