FERNS Mobile

Project Summary

Timmons Group was contracted for the planning, design and implementation of a Forest Activity Electronic Notification and Reporting System (FERNS) Mobile application for Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF). The final product will require an intuitively designed, user-friendly system that meets the demands of both the State’s clients and also improves internal operations throughout the organization. 

The multi-phased project will improve the State’s Notification of Operations and Application for Permit (NO/AP) processing for the Private Forests, and Protection from Fire divisions. In order to provide this level of reporting detail and access, Timmons Group will integrate the new FERNS mobile application with the State’s GIS system as well as the existing FERNS desktop application. 

FERNS features intuitive navigation and easy to use mapping tools for plotting out location Units to NOAPs.
Units can be represented by area geometry, lines, and points depending on the activity.