Feral Hog Reporting Application

Project Summary

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is challenged with the management of invasive and destructive species in the state. The Feral Hog Reporting application provides MDC resource protection staff with the ability to quickly report and track Feral Hog sightings in the state leveraging smart phones and modern technologies. 


Submission - Ability to submit locations of Feral Hog sightings as well as treatment reports.

Location - Ability to discover sightings within proximity to the current user’s location

Camera  - The user can take photos to include in submissions and reports.

Reporting Treatment - This app is a tool for identifying accurate treatment methods based off of the data submitted.

Cloud - Effective use of cloud-based storage and reporting resulting in cost-savings and rapid deployment.


Feral Hog was awarded the Organization of Fish and Wildlife Manager’s (OFWIM) 2013 Innovation Award due to our innovation in furthering fish and wildlife information management through technology.