Exploring Virginia’s Offshore Wind Potential

Project Summary

The availability of relevant mapped, measured and modeled data on a commercial platform will be critical to advancing science- and technology-based research, development and commercialization consistent with the energy policies and priorities set forth by the current administration. Further, this platform will support visual simulations that provide to key stakeholder the means to understand the magnitude and impacts of large wind turbines deployed offshore.


Interactive Map - View up-to-the-minute weather station data across Virginia’s coastal waters.

Modeled Wind Conditions Across Va. - View modeled wind conditions at 100m height across Virginia’s coastal waters.

Data - We have provided the ability to view all data in imperial or metric  measurements. The user can access energy climatology data for a location across a variable numbers of months. The data comes from WeatherFlows weather modeling algorithms and includes average wind speed, capacity factors, and energy being produced.

Education - This application is a valuable tool in educating individuals on the power of wind energy off the coast of Virginia.