Esri Roads and Highways Implementation (ROME)

Project Summary

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is a leader in the transportation industry, consistently implementing innovative solutions and driving change for emerging product development.  Esri’s Roads and Highways was no different, North Carolina was first to take on its implementation.  Timmons Group was selected to provide staff augmentation resources to assist in the completion of the implementation and integration of Esri’s Roads and Highways (R&H) software for NCDOT. 

Staff augmentation was chosen to provide flexible dedicated service to ensure NCDOT had the necessary expertise and experience to help their success. Timmons Group has assisted in a range of duties - covering management responsibilities including task management, technical leadership, and guidance.  Additionally, Timmons documented work process for areas including Linear Referencing System (LRS) workflows, business unit workflows, and user acceptance requirements.  Further, Timmons Group has assisted in the release and deployments through NCDOT’s testing environments.  These tasks comprised of database configuration and implementation, Esri R&H configuration, Esri Workflow Manager configuration and implementation, Configuration of Esri Roads and Highways for Server - Roadway Characteristics Editor (RCE).  Lastly, Timmons has been a valuable partner to QA/QC data to ensure it will meet the needs of the business units.   

To successfully implement Roads and Highways, it is crucial to understand business user’s workflows and what their appetite is for technology.  Keeping the two in balance is extremely important.  Tim Sheldon, Business Analyst for Timmons Group has frequently expressed, “Just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should.”  This is one of the areas that makes Timmons Group uniquely positioned to serve its clients.  Having a deep understating of their needs while possessing the expertise in GIS to carry solutions through.

John Farley GIS Manager for NCDOT,  “The support provided by Mr. Sheldon has been invaluable on the ROME project, due among other things, to his advanced knowledge of Roads & Highways, understanding of business workflows, and ability to communicate complex ideas.”