Dominion VA Power Data Center Site Certification Program

Project Summary


Dominion Virginia Power has created a comprehensive program for the identification and promotion of real estate sites suitable for data center development throughout their Service Area.  Data Centers represent a growing target market everywhere in the Southeastern United States because of the global need to securely store and process data.  Dominion’s service territory in Virginia is one of the most active data center markets in the nation.  Virginia also has the highest concentration of technology workers per capita in the, has competitive power rates, and has an abundance of real estate.  Many of these prominent sites can be converted to an operational data center within 12 months of site selection.  

Dominion asked Timmons Group to assist in the creation of a Data Center Site Certification Program.  Timmons Group has worked with the Geospatial, Asset Management, Generation, Transmission, and Economic Development Division of Dominion for years.  We are thrilled to be part of creating a dynamic tool to assist with the attraction and development of data centers.   

Dominion has requested that Timmons Group develop the initial criteria to facilitate data center development, develop a GIS repository of base mapping to support high-level site screening against this criteria, perform basic site evaluations and acquire additional information on the sites as necessary to help qualify the sites as  “Certified Data Center Sites”. 

The initial work has been performed on 9 sites throughout the Commonwealth which have been through an initial evaluation by Dominion and/or their select consultants as potential data center sites.  These 9 sites have been used to refine the initial criteria and produce a more polished, tested site certification program that will be utilized to evaluate future data center sites.