Culpeper Community Athletic Complex

Project Summary

Timmons Group was selected by Culpeper County Parks and Recreation to master plan the County’s first community complex on a 140-acre former farmstead.  Meetings with the public, special interest groups, and the Parks and Recreation Commission played an important role in defining the project goals and determining programming needs, which were then applied to the planning of the park.

The master plan includes six soccer fields, three football fields, eight baseball fields, parking, concessions, basketball courts, playgrounds and pedestrian trails; the construction of the park is being phased in as funding becomes available.  A unique siting adjacent to the high school, another Master Plan done by Timmons Group,  allows for sharing parking facilities, thus reducing significantly the number of parking spaces required. The remaining wetland areas played a role in the location and placement of the facilities; they have been integrated into the park scheme as natural environmental features bisected by trails and will be used for educational and recreational purposes.