Cityworks® Enterprise Asset Management System Implementation (Alexandria Va)

Project Summary

The City of Alexandria received approval for the implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) in April of 2007.  A thorough selection process was managed by the City which resulted in a clear choice; Azteca Systems’ Cityworks software package.   The project participants would be comprised of the Transportation and Environmental Services Department (T&ES) which includes the Maintenance, Transportation and Solid Waste Divisions and the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Cityworks software installation and setup includes the Cityworks Desktop version 4.5 and Esri’s ArcGIS 9.3 utilizing a SQL 2005 server environment.  Timmons Group and the City’s participating departments have completed the business process analysis and improvements phase which will provide greater insight into the work environment of these departments.  This will inevitably produce a custom Cityworks configuration fitting for each departments use.  

A requirement for the City of Alexandria was that they be provided with a Citizen Request Management System (CRMS) that would enable their citizens to log requests for services via the internet.  The development of the CRMS custom application will utilize the Timmons Groups original Service Request LoGIStics application.  Through a series of design processes and enhancements, the CRMS will become an original and innovative application which will encapsulate the functionality required by the City.  Timmons Groups Service Request LoGIStics is a dynamic application that can generate service requests through a web interface and upon a submit button will push the request data directly to the Cityworks database.  The foundation of the custom application has already been created and what is now required are modifications to incorporate the additional functionality specific to the City of Alexandria.

The implementation of this Cityworks EAMS for the City of Alexandria includes workflow design diagrams, custom Cityworks configuration, training, coaching and onsite support for the Go-Live of the Cityworks software. 

The efforts necessary to produce the long awaited EAMS is vast but the City of Alexandria continues to rise to the challenges that are presented.  The team of individuals involved is responsive and engaged in the project which provides the much needed environment for a successful EAMS implementation project.