City of Suffolk Annual Contract for Environmental Engineering Services

Project Summary

The City of Suffolk reselected Timmons Group for the City’s Environmental Services Annual Contract in 2018. Projects include environmental consulting, environmental investigations, feasibility studies, stormwater and environmental project design, stormwater and environmental project construction phase services, locally-administered project design, permit assistance, and wetland delineations.

To date, we have worked with both the Department of Public Works and the Department of Parks and Recreation on projects ranging from drainage studies to shoreline stabilization. Timmons Group has also assisted the City with the creation of a new CIP Project for Neighborhood Drainage Improvements.

Additional task orders have included:

  • Olde Towne (Finney Outfall) Master Drainage Study
  • Planter’s Club, Sleepy Hole Golf Course, and Sleepy Hole Fishing Pier Bluff Stabilization
  • Cedar Hill Cemetery Stream Restoration
  • Constant’s North Passive Recreation Project
  • Debris Management Plan Update
  • Holly Acres Drainage Study
  • James R. Watershed Stream Restoration Opportunity Identification
  • Nutrient Management Plans