City of Garland, TX, Cityworks AMS Implementation

Project Summary

The City of Garland, TX has contracted with Timmons Group to implement Azteca’s Cityworks Server AMS software for the City’s Water Utilities department.  The City is currently using multiple systems to manage their water utilities assets. As part of this implementation, Timmons Group is integrating the Cityworks Server AMS software with the City’s existing financial system (Harris Cayenta), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Highland OnBase document management system, and the City’s existing Esri ArcGIS database.  By integrating all of these systems the City will be able to reduce their cost of operations by reducing multi-entry processes, improved customer service, and enhanced business intelligence through reporting.

Timmons Group’s implementation of the Cityworks Server AMS software along with integrations to the City’s other supporting systems will provide an enhanced centralized solution, streamlining and improving service request routing, work order processing, and asset analysis. This centralized solution improved ease of use, reduce the cost of maintenance, and unify work order management processes across all departments.

Timmons Group worked closely with the City and Cayenta to design, build, test and implement four crucial interfaces between Cayenta Financial System and Azteca’s Cityworks system.  This effort included the development of a custom schema to support the data transfer between the two systems.  Timmons Group developed custom software to handle specific data preparation and input into the Cityworks system and also to provide output for the Cayenta system.