City of Auburn Cityworks® PLL Implementation

Project Summary

Timmons Group was selected to implement Cityworks Permits, Licensing and Land (PLL) software module and to manage the implementation process for use in the City of Auburn construction permitting processes. Timmons Group worked interactively with the City of Auburn (City), to identify and rank the workflows and interactively model the processes in PLL. Through this effort, City staff that manage and maintain PLL participated in the development process and learned the nuances of building the workflows, templates, and cases. A comprehensive training program that was focused on creation, maintenance, and administration of PLL using City specific workflows created with City staff was delivered.

User groups were located primarily within the  Code Enforcement Division but also included the Fire Division, Public Works Department, Planning Departments, and Water Resource Management Departments.

Timmons Group also extended the integration with Tyler's Eden ERP to PLL, in addition to an integration of Open Edge (PayPros) for Point of Sale credit card processing and Laserfiche (or MS SharePoint) document management. By gathering and analyzing the end user requirements, Timmons Group implement the City's solution such that the individual user requirements were met in the context of the City's over-arching strategies.

In addition, the Timmons Group’s Portal for Cityworks® Server PLL was also integrated. Focused on enhancing contractor and citizen access to permits and inspections through a custom web interface, this capability includes the application of, management of, and scheduling of permits utilizing a public facing website. Additionally, the Portal plugs into numerous point of sale and payment management systems like PayPal. As part of this implementation, Timmons Group successfully interfaced with OpenEdge to enable seamless online payments.