HUD Part 58 Environmental Assessment – Church Hill North Subdivision

Project Summary

Timmons Group prepared a HUD Environmental Review Record (ERR) in accordance with 24 CFR Part 58 to satisfy the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act and evaluate the environmental effects associated with the proposed development of the Church Hill North neighborhood. The project is being undertaken by the City of Richmond, in conjunction with Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA), and involves the construction of a 256-unit multi-income housing development on the 21.76-acre campus of the former Armstrong High School. The ERR was begun in November 2015 with a projected completion timeframe of 120 days; however, based on complications that arose during the EA process as a result of the historic designation of Armstrong High School, completion of the EA slowed while a cultural resource mitigation plan was prepared and submitted to the SHPO for concurrence. Once complete in August 2016, the ERR was submitted to the City of Richmond for review in association with the programmatic agreement between HUD and the City of Richmond.  With the proposed mitigation of historic resources, the City of Richmond prepared a Finding of No Significant Impact.