Nuttree Branch Stream Restoration and Channel Improvements

Project Summary

The County of Chesterfield identified a need for various channel improvements along a section of Nuttree Branch in the Brandermill Community in the northwest section of Chesterfield County.  The particular section of Nuttree Branch in question fell below Old Hundred Road towards the west under Quail Hill Road into the Brandermill County Club’s Golf Course.  The existing stream was highly eroded with various slope failures and flow had been impeded by large amounts of sediment in the stream.  The stream has an approximate 10-year storm event capacity but several adjacent residential structures were frequently inundated during severe storm events that exceeded the channel capacity.

Timmons Group was contracted by the County to design stream improvements for the existing stream section along Nuttree Branch using stream restoration practices to solve the erosion problems and alleviate flooding of the adjacent residences. Utilizing Chesterfield County GIS and field survey information Timmons Group prepared detailed design plans for approximately 1200 ft. of stream to be restored to natural conditions using various pools, bends, and environmental restoration techniques.  In order to alleviate the flooding the existing flow path of the stream was relocated in various locations to provide more stream capacity and to move the stream farther away from the residences adjacent to the existing channel banks.

As part of the project four (4) existing corrugated metal pipes under Quail Hill Drive were evaluated for capacity to help alleviate flooding of the upstream area between Old Hundred Road and Quail Hill Drive.  In order to pass the 100 year storm flow under Quail Hill Drive four (4) 6’x5’ concrete box culverts were designed to replace the existing CMP structures.