Power System Planning

Generation Interconnection and System Planning Services
Timmons Group supports interconnection and transmission planning needs across all generation resource technologies for customers including public owned utilities, municipalities and cooperatives, independent power producers, energy development companies, and engineering design firms.  As part of our system planning services, Timmons Group employees are experienced in all phases of transmission, distribution, and generation planning, providing value to involved stakeholders.

Our expert team of transmission planning and siting engineers assist with all phases of the interconnection process to take projects from concept to reality. From locating the most economical and effective site for power injection to assisting with all phases of the Interconnection Study process, agreement negotiations, and technical support. Timmons Group offers services needed for both generation and transmission projects. Our Planning & Siting staff has extensive experience with planning groups from coast to coast at the Regional, Sub-regional, and local levels. They are well-versed in Open Access Transmission Tariff’s for utilities throughout the country thus enabling our clients to efficiently move their development projects to operating assets.

Power System Analysis and System Operations
Timmons Group works with investor-owned utilities, electric membership cooperatives, municipal utilities, merchant generation and transmission developers, and EPC contractors. Our team has conducted numerous studies and client engagements regarding electrical system studies and NERC compliance. 

Timmons Group’s understanding extends to transmission systems throughout the country and we have interfaced with most of the Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and NERC Regions. We support our clients through the preparation of power system analysis, the identification and evaluation of alternatives, and determination of the best option to meet the project objectives. In addition, our support extends to include power supply contracts, transmission contracts, scheduling, operations, transmission billings, regulatory issues, facility planning & siting, and NERC Audit preparation.

System Planning Services:

  • Pre-Feasibility Interconnection Analysis    
  • Interconnection Technical Representation
  • NERC Studies
  • Stability Analysis
  • Site Selection
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Conceptual Turbine Layout
  • Line Routing Corridor Studies
  • Area/Regional Studies
  • Interconnection Document Preparation Review
  • GIA Negotiations
  • Steady State Analysis
  • Plant Dynamic Modeling
  • Project Purchase Due Diligence & Review
  • OATT Compliance
  • Conceptual Facility Layout & Configuration
  • GIS Mapping
  • Studies of Alternative