Timmons Group Contracts with VDOT to Develop GIS Strategic Plan

Richmond, VA – April 23, 2007 –Timmons Group, a leader in geospatial consulting services, has been contracted by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to produce a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Strategic Plan.   The plan assesses the current status of GIS usage within VDOT’s business units and develops a series of strategic and tactical goals focused on increased efficiency and technology adoption. 

The plan development includes a review of the 10 year GIS strategic plan done in 1996, information collection through interviews with key business managers and operational staff, an assessment and analysis of the current status of GIS technology usage, benchmarking though collection and review of “best practices” within DOTs throughout the U.S., development of goals for GIS integration and use, and development of strategic and tactical recommendations to achieve the goals.

Special attention will be given to the adoption of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) integration of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) technologies into the core VDOT Information Technology and data warehousing framework.

“It’s all about reusable components and turning data into information quickly these days.  The ability to remove the heavy lifting traditionally associated with solution delivery is key for lean project delivery.  VDOT is consistently being placed under increased pressure to deliver effective solutions for their constituents.  Our mission is facilitate rapid information delivery through spatial and IT technology for the DOT.” Said Lowell Ballard, Director of Advanced Technologies for Timmons Group.

About Timmons Group
Timmons Group is a leading provider of geospatial, information architecture and engineering services focusing on ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Mobile (ADF) and Enterprise solutions. Timmons Group is a privately held ENR 500 company and maintains a strong business partner relationship with ESRI. Timmons Group has been a recipient of both the ESRI Business Partner of the Year award and the ESRI Foundation Partner of the Year award.

For more information about Timmons Group’s technology services, contact Russell Minich or Lowell Ballard at russell.minich@timmons.com or lowell.ballard@timmons.com or visit http://www.timmons.com/markets-and-services/technology.asp.

For more information contact:
Tim Asimos, Marketing Manager
Timmons Group

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