Timmons Group Awarded Fostering Engagement Award at 2021 Esri Partner Conference

Richmond, VA – March 25, 2021

Timmons Group received the Fostering Engagement Award at the 2021 Esri Partner Conference. The award is for compelling use of Esri technology to drive user engagement, a feat made possible by the firm’s accomplishments throughout its applications of GIS technology.

Timmons Group technology practice has always used Esri’s technology to facilitate user engagement. The pandemic has fundamentally changed how many companies and organizations work. In 2020, our engineering practices used Esri’s technologies to engage with the community on proposed engineering projects. Instead of using presentations and public meetings, Timmons Group is now using ArcGIS Hub, StoryMaps, and Survey123 to engage with citizens in a richer way. The firm expects to continue to leverage Esri’s technology in more substantial ways in a post-pandemic world. 

While the firm has been using StoryMaps for its GIS applications for years, StoryMaps became an especially important tool through the pandemic as they provided a platform for government agency project information usually disseminated at public meetings. “Timmons Group has expanded its use of StoryMaps to its engineering clients in addition to the traditional geospatial client base and will continue to grow user engagement with StoryMaps post-pandemic as well,” says Lowell Ballard, Timmons Group’s Geospatial Technology Division Manager.

The award makes its debut shortly after Timmons Group earned its Gold Partner status on December 23, 2020 based on the firm’s many years of providing high-quality Esri software-related services to clients in the commercial, state, local, and federal markets. Timmons Group also pursued and achieved two highly sought-after Esri specialty designations (ArcGIS Hub and Release Ready) in the past few months.

The Esri Partner Conference was hosted virtually March 15 – March 17 and was the largest Esri partner conference to date. Esri announced 26 partners for Innovation and Excellence on March 17 in 10 award categories. The Fostering Engagement Award was achieved by only 3 Esri Partners in 2021.

“This award means a great deal to Timmons Group because it confirms that our hard work is appreciated by Esri, it validates what our customers already know and, finally, this award gives us additional motivation to keep the pedal down while driving innovation with and for our customers,” said Mike Wiley, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships. “We congratulate the other award winners and look forward to continuing our exciting GIS work in 2021.”

For more than 25 years, Timmons Group has been a leading geospatial technology firm implementing solutions on Esri’s platform for its clients. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Timmons Group provides revolutionary solutions to some of the country’s leading challenges of fire prevention, enterprise asset management, government transparency, and natural resources management across the US.

Learn more about Timmons Group's GIS work: http://timmonsgis.com/

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Tim Klabunde
Director of Marketing

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