Tracy Lower, PE

Land Development, Metro DC

Tracy Lower, PE

Tracy Lower, PE brings over two decades of land development experience to public and private projects in the Metro DC area. Her site/civil master planning and development expertise has been integral to development projects throughout the region, in close collaboration with owners, retailers, developers and architects. Her greatest value is in recognizing and navigating the sensitivities associated with speed to market, stakeholder engagement and risk mitigation.

Tracy has lived in DC for over 15 years and enjoys watching and being engaged in the change through her career in development.  She and her husband Rick enjoy traveling for Penn State sporting events (both are alumni) and attending Washington Nationals Games. Her other hobbies include triathlon, hiking and exploring new places.


• Favorite book?
  Too many to mention – I usually have at least 4 different ones in progress
• Favorite vacation destination?  Mountains or beach (it’s a tie)
• Your first job?  Surveyor – I worked every summer with my father learning civil engineering and the development business
• Words you live by?  NEVER SAY NEVER (usually followed by  I CAN DO THIS)
Your must see/do recommendation for Washington, DC?  There are so many things to do that’s why I love living here!  Everyone must visit Arlington Cemetery to say thank you; take in a Nats game; ride a bike along the river; visit all the museums and memorials