Stream & Wetland Restoration

Timmons Group’s Stream & Wetland Restoration Team provides consulting, design, construction oversight and monitoring of wetland and stream restoration/mitigation projects of all sizes for public and private sector clients.

The team — comprised of Environmental Scientists, Wildlife Biologists, Professional Engineers, Soil Scientists, Surveyors and Designers —is constantly refining and advancing our designs and techniques, all of which are grounded in sound, natural channel design principles. Hydrologic and reference site data fuses with client goals to inform the design process, resulting in a system that successfully performs its ecologic and hydrologic functions.

In addition to as-built services, Timmons Group can play an active role in the construction of stream and wetland projects, starting with bidding assistance, contract negotiation and award. We manage the contractor as a General Contractor would, and provide survey and geotechnical engineering and testing services as needed.

After project completion, we can provide long-term monitoring and maintenance of the site, with a wide variety of services including E&S repairs, structure adjustment, minor grading and invasive species control.


  • Site Identification and Feasibility Studies
  • Wetland and Stream Assessment and Classification
  • Stream and Wetland Survey
  • Stream and Wetland Restoration
  • Mitigation Bank Development
  • Interagency Review Team Coordination
  • Shoreline Stabilization
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Local, State and Federal Permitting, Policy Development and Coordination
  • Mitigation Success Monitoring 
  • Maintenance and Invasive Species Control
  • Tree Planting and Native Habitat Establishment
  • Treatment Wetland Design
  • Nutrient Bank Development
  • BANCS Assessment Studies