Right of Way Acquisition Services

Before you can build your project, the path must be cleared. Our real estate acquisition team helps plan and secure the easements and other land rights needed for your project. The Timmons Group Right-of-Way team is second to none when speaking to the landowners, person-to-person, and explaining the project in order to have them feel more comfortable with a win/win negotiation. Timmons Group also brings to your projects the benefits of working with land acquisition team members that are closely aligned with routing, permitting, engineering and construction services. Our team believes that communication between the client, Timmons Group and all stakeholders is key to a successful project.

Our list of services is extensive and includes:

Project Management and Planning

• Scheduling
• Cost Estimates
• Public Meetings
• Risk Analysis
• Plan Review
• Status Updates/Reports

Appraisal & Appraisal Review

• Full Acquisitions & Partial Acquisitions
• Permanent Easements
• Temporary Easements
• Review Services & Consultation
• Basic Administrative Reports (BARS)
• Expert Witness Testimony



• Negotiations
• Full & Partial Acquisitions
• Permanent & Temporary Easements
• Document Preparation
• Condemnation Support Services
• Relocations
• Closings


• Current Owner Searches
• 20/40/60 Year Searches
• Title Document Management
• Title File Review
• Assimilation and Data Entry
• Title Reports
• Title Policy