Hosting & Support

Timmons Group Solution Support Services are driven by proven, consistent methods. These methods empower us to not just merely to solve clients’ technical problems more quickly and cost-effectively, but also to help them introduce new services and applications with minimal business risk. Our support staff provide deep product technical skills to help you quickly resolve problems and maintain efficient operations. Clients may receive individual problem fixes or product usage advice.

In addition to quickly resolving issues when they arise, Timmons Group provides services that help you keep your infrastructure running smoothly. You will have greater confidence knowing that your systems are proactively monitored to help anticipate future problems. Timmons Group uses industry leading monitoring tools and hands on support staff to ensure minimal downtime of your systems, identify potential problems, and take preventative, rather than corrective, action. Our staff will work with you to design a customized support plan to help you increase productivity and better manage risk. Whether you need 24x7 or business day support, we can help.

Cloud Hosting Services
We have been an Esri Business Partner for over 20 years and have held an ASP (hosting) license from Esri for over 10 years.  We partner with Amazon Web Services to provide managed cloud infrastructure to our numerous clients.  We currently host GIS solutions in the cloud for approximately 20 states (including the State of Florida) and numerous local governments.