Due Diligence Services and NEPA Consulting

Our environmental staff has the experience and professional certification to complete due diligence assessments for property acquisition and/or development to fulfill the requirements of “All Appropriate Inquiry” per 40 CFR Part 312.  Our resume includes commercially developed, greenfield, and qualified brownfield properties of less than one acre to several thousand acres in both urban, suburban, and rural settings. Our range of capabilities further extends within ASTM and AAI guidelines to include the completion of comprehensive Phase II ESAs, site characterization investigations – including soil vapor surveys, and developing Phase III remediation strategies to address environmental impairments.

Timmons Group’s environmental staff is also accomplished in assessing state and federally funded projects to determine the appropriate level of reporting to achieve NEPA  compliance, from initial scoping and studies to design and monitoring of mitigation measures. We work with our clients to identify project-specific state and/or federal NEPA requirements, evaluate potential environmental impacts associated with proposed actions, and recommend appropriate mitigation measures as warranted. Our staff has contributed to broad levels of NEPA review from locally exempt activities to state-wide Programmatic Environmental Impact Reports, and federal-agency Environmental Assessments per 40 CFR 1500-1508.

ESA Services

  • ASTM E 1527-13 Phase I ESAs for Commercial Properties
  • ASTM E 2247-16 Phase I ESAs for Forestland or Rural Properties
  • ASTM E 1903-11 Phase II ESAs
  • Phase III Remediation Planning and Management
  • ASTM E1528-14e1 Transaction Screen

NEPA Consulting

  • Programmatic Environmental Impact Statements (PEIS)
  • Environmental Impact Reviews (EIR)
  • Environmental Assessments (EA)
  • Categorical Exclusions (CE, CATEX, CENST, CEST)
  • Exemptions
  • HUD Environmental Review Consulting Services