Timmons Group PLL Portal

The Timmons Group PLL Portal is a public facing portal for Cityworks that leverages Cityworks Server PLL, PLL Extended API’s, and is customized to meet the specific business needs of a locality. Successful implementation of the Public Portal as a core technology for the locality’s Enterprise Permitting, Licensing and Land use gives citizens the ability to apply for permits, pay fees, schedule inspections, etc.


  • Ability to access full GIS data.  This allows the TG Portal to leverage GIS data for permit location validation, write full GIS attributes to the appropriate Cityworks fields, and determine permit detail values based on selected GIS attributes.
  • Language translation on the fly with Google Translate.
  • Allows for various payment integrations.  Current integrations include Invoice Cloud, Stripe, OpenEdge, ETS, Trust Commerce, and iPayment
  • With the click of a button, users can see all fees that they are responsible for paying.
  • Users can complete their business license renewals through the TG Portal.
  • Displays a customizable list of disclaimers or messages through each step of the permit/license process by permit/license type to help guide users through the process.
  • Integrated with the OnBase document management system to provide a robust system for users to upload detailed information with their permits/licenses.
  • Administrative section that allows city administrators to manage inspections by setting inspector hours and weekday availability, view canned reports, and configure sections of the TG Portal.
  • Inspection scheduling availability is determined by city holiday hours, inspection type, and available inspector hours.
  • Users can edit certain permit/license data after the permit is created.  This includes uploading attachments and adding or removing people and contractors.
  • When filling out permit/license details, the TG Portal will display configurable help tooltips next to permit/license data details.
  • Configurable to match an organization’s branding with color schemes and logos.