Project Summary

Wildfire Maps for the Entire Nation on a Single Site!

WildfireMaps provides maps and incident information about current wildfires across the Nation. The site integrates data from a variety of sources providing a single dashboard to keep you updated on where fires are occurring.

Social Media Integration - Social media, be it Twitter, Flickr or YouTube, is integrated in real time into a simple web mapping interface for every incident. A simple click and you can view what others are experiencing.

Data Contribution Tools – Evacuations, Road Closures, and Damaged Structures Mapping tools are provided to allow the public to contribute data for evacuations areas, road closures, fire spotting, damage areas and other themes. While not authoritative, data posted by the public often provides an excellent source for understanding local conditions. WildfireMaps empowers the public to help each other by sharing information in a collaborative mapping environment. This ability to share local information is fundamental for obtaining situational awareness – whether you are the public, a government agency or a commercial business.

A Framework for Custom Wildfire Applications

Timmons Group has designed the site to also serve as a secure and robust framework for deploying custom Situational Awareness mapping applications for specific customers and industries – including fire management and emergency response agencies, be it federal, state or local fire departments. A secure “organizational” framework provides customers capabilities to create role based subscriptions for their organizations to address specific needs. These custom subscriber applications can integrate data from internal sources and systems specific to that customer, such as CAD data, available resources, or locations of policyholders or ratepayers, so that alerts and notifications can be issued, and detailed reports documenting the wildfire risk, potential impacts and liability analysis are readily available – as incidents occur and progress.

Fore more information about this project, please contact Lowell Ballard