Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (uWRAP)

Project Summary

Timmons Group was contracted with by Utah Forestry, Fire and State Lands to develop a Wildland Fire Risk Assessment Portal (uWRAP). This project includes many of the features from our past WRAP projects including a Public Portal, a Professional Portal and some new project elements including a Priority Area Manager tool.

The Public Portal is designed to help non-technical users better understand their risk from wildland fire threat. The Public Portal provides a very streamlined interface with minimal tools and options. Users are able to print a map, zoom to a known location by address or coordinates, turn on/off select layers of data and use the "swipe" tool to display multiple layers at once.

The Professional Portal contains all the features from the Public Portal but adds select key features including the ability to run a detailed risk report and the ability to upload and save projects. The risk report is about 80 pages of highly-detailed text, maps and charts driven by a user’s project area of interest. The report reviews all risk, fuels, threats and other layers for the project area and creates a comprehensive report. This report is an excellent start to a formal CWPP or other risk mitigation plan.

The Priority Area Manager tool facilitates the editing of priority areas or communities-at-risk. This is only available to trusted users and helps to manage key areas in the state that are most at risk. Additionally, once complete, the tool will allow users to track potential mitigation and prevention projects for these priority areas ad show progress towards reducing risk.

The site is mobile-friendly and works on iPads, tablets and other form factors. Users are required to login to use the Professional and Priority Area Manager Tool. The site includes a user management portal to facilitate granting access to various modules.