System Architecture Review and Strategic Planning

Project Summary

Timmons Group, being a leader in Strategic Planning, was contracted by York Region’s Geomatics and Information Technology Services Branches to complete a Strategic GIS RoadMap to review York Region’s corporate geospatial information infrastructure and develop a project portfolio to advance and optimize the technology infrastructure to meet business needs 3 years out.

The Corporate Geospatial Information Infrastructure (CGII) System Architecture Review & Planning Project was organized into 2 project parts.  The primary tasks for the initial System Architecture Review included inventorying and assessing existing conditions within York Region’s systems, support tools and support processes.  The System Architecture Planning exercise which followed was designed to articulate goals and define projects to meet those same goals.

Working with the Region’s Geomatics  and Information Technology  Services branches, the two-part project served to both evaluate the existing conditions, act on any low-effort / high value improvement opportunities, and also chart a road map for continued success.

Project Tasks:

  • Diagnostics- Examining existing systems 
  • Developing system architecture diagrams
  • Performing stress-tests of web applications and services
  • Reviewing the supporting processes and operational tools
  • Interviewing business units to link future business drivers and initiatives