Stafford Stormwater Management Program Support

Project Summary

Timmons Group was contracted to provide engineering services in support of the County’s Stormwater Management Program. Services include studies, investigations, analyses, inspection reports, program development and BMP recommendations to meet the applicable requirements of the County’s MS4 Stormwater Discharge Permit and the Commonwealth’s Stormwater Management Program.

Activities performed to ensure the County’s compliance include identification of all County High Priority Facilities (HPFs) and these facilities that have a high potential for discharging pollutants. The scope of work included site visits to each HPF and interviews with the facility managers. Reports were prepared identifying the scope of work, location and description of each HPF including latitude and longitude and a GIS shape file with attribute date. A schedule for development and implementation of Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for each HPF was developed.

County GIS records were utilized to develop a list of potential sites where nutrients are applied to a contiguous area greater than one acre. Reports prepared for each area identified include latitude and longitude, a summary of present nutrient application procures and a GIS shape file identifying County lands that fit the criteria.  A schedule for the implementation of turf and landscape nutrient plans for these lands was prepared.

Timmons Group is also providing SWPPP implementation tasks that include gap analysis of existing SWPPPs, preliminary site mapping for all HPFs, standard documentation for existing and future SWPPPs and development of a written training plan for MS4 Pollution Prevention for County staff.

In accordance with Section II.B.6.a of the County’s General Permit, Timmons Group is developing written procedures designed to assist the County in minimizing or preventing pollutant discharge from: daily operations (road, street, parking lot maintenance); equipment maintenance; and the application, transport and disposal of pesticides and fertilizers.