Stone Brewing’s East Coast Facility

Project Summary

Timmons Group is very proud of our role in helping the City of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia land the east coast facility for Stone Brewing.

Working with Hourigan Construction Co., on behalf of the Economic Development Authority for City of Richmond, Timmons Group provided environmental services, geotechnical engineering, survey, site engineering, and landscape architecture for the project. The 200,000 square-foot production brewery and distribution facility is under construction on 14 acres of land in the Greater Fulton Community, east of downtown Richmond. Stone Brewing plans to invest $74 million to construct a production brewery, packaging hall, retail store, and its administrative offices in the first phase. The brewery is anticipated to be operational in early 2016 and the restaurant, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens will open a year or two after that.

The brownfield site, ultimately selected by Stone Brewing, presented many challenges such as its prior development history and a substantial creek and a floodplain bisecting the proposed development area. Timmons Group provided environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, surveyors, and cultural/archaeological services to study the site history and existing environmental conditions. Utilizing the data, the design team worked with the owner and contractor to provide creative solutions to the site constraints. The site was raised above the 100-year floodplain using a combination of imported soil fill, stone, and structural geopiers to provide a building pad suitable for the massive loads from the brewing equipment. The site also had to be designed to account for the entire brewing process, from bulk grain delivery to finished-product shipment.

The production brewery and distribution facility site will incorporate many found and re-claimed materials that honor the site’s history and industrial character. Concrete blocks and granite slabs will see new life on the site as seat walls, retaining walls, and steps. A pedestrian bridge is also being repurposed from a site in Baltimore to provide access across the creek from the main parking lot to the brewery front doors. Timmons Group landscape architects developed a plan that encompasses the reclaimed materials with new materials, which are complementary sympathetic to the proposed building. Proposed native landscaping and reforestation plantings increase the bio-diversity on-site and improve the Gillies Creek and James River watershed habitat.

The building grounds will feature two distinct landscape experiences. An employee garden will feature intimate areas of respite along with an open lawn flexible enough for company gatherings, while the public entrance is designed as a hub that offers connections to the brewery, restaurant, James River, and surrounding neighborhoods.

The future restaurant will feature beautifully landscaped gardens where visitors will be able to enjoy craft beer, dine, and relax in an inviting atmosphere. The destination restaurant repurposes an empty industrial building on the historic James Riverfront.

Competition for Stone Brewing's eastern U.S. brewery facility, packaging hall, and Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens was fierce. It involved 20 states, 250 localities, and 350 proposals. The final deal involved land acquisitions (4 property owners & 26 parcels), street closures, lease agreements, performance agreements, governor’s opportunity fund agreement, financing agreements, cooperation agreements, and hundreds of professionals engaged in making it a reality.

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