Stewardship Mapping and Reporting Tool (SMART)

Project Summary

A core component of this USFS SMART project is the development of the web service APIs (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate better reporting and interaction by USFS partners. The Timmons Group GIS custom API design can be used by the states to build their own applications that consume or submit data from and to the USFS. These applications can range from field/mobile to web-based tools. 


Interactive Map - Users can easily locate Stewardship Plan boundaries for landowners throughout the Country.

Plan Theme - This application offers the ability to view the plan in its entirety.

Dashboard - Upon logging in, each user has a customized dashboard with features most relevant to their needs.

Search Reporting - This function allows each user to locate information based on particular details of the plan such as: record name, author’s name and funding source.

Administrative Functions - Operators have the capability to manage user accounts and roles, update federal and state function sources for Plans, update valid activity choices for users as well as export statewide datasets.