Statewide Transportation-Focused Enterprise Map Viewer

Project Summary

Timmons Group is currently performing a project to upgrade the VDOT GIS access portal to incorporate new functionality and technology. The new portal (GIS integrator 2.0 website) will be a web-based GIS analysis and mapping tool used by a wide variety of VDOT staff to support their business solutions.

The goals are:

  • Provide a technology upgrade for VDOT’s enterprise mapping application (i.e., IMS vs. AGS)
  • Develop CEDAR GIS spatial tools and query functions (e.g., add shape)
  • Construct a foundation upon which to build reusable components (e.g., various uses of buffer tool)

Project tasks

  • Upgrade GIS technology platform
  • Technical and functional requirements gathering
  • Workflow/work process development
  • Website design and development
  • Backend system application design and development
  • Database modeling and development
  • Spatial analysis and query tool development
  • Integration with existing business systems