Runoff Rundown Calculator

Project Summary

The James River Association’s mission is to be guardian of the James River as it flows through Virginia. They provide a voice for the river and take action to promote conservation and responsible stewardship of its natural resources.  They achieve these goals through four core programs: Watershed Restoration; Education and Outreach; River Advocacy; and their Riverkeeper program.

As part of this mission and the furthering of their core goals, the JRA contracted with Timmons Group staff, a leader in Enterprise Geospatial products and services, to provide an interactive website for the estimation of rainfall runoff quality and quantity to landowners. This application serves as a tool in educating the public about nitrogen and phosphorus runoffs into the James River. The overabundance of nitrogen and phosphorus can lead to excessive algae growth which in turn leads to decreased water quality. The calculator helps landowners determine how much nitrogen and phosphorus is leaving their property and provides suggestions about how to reduce the runoff.

Using this new website, landowners and James River constituents can locate their address, provide input for land use characteristics and generate output reports detailing lot runoff values including an estimated nitrogen and phosphorous load that can contribute to problems in the James River.